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We want to ensure that your experience with our website is as straightforward and enjoyable as it can be. If you have any questions, you can either use our contact form or read through the FAQ in case your question has already been answered.

[symple_accordion] [symple_accordion_section title=”How Does Coupon Go Work?”]

We search the web looking for promo codes and coupons that merchants tend to give out.

When you visit our website, you will see a number of buttons that say ‘SHOW COUPON’. When you click the coupon, a new window will take you to that merchant’s website. On our page, the coupon will now be visible. You can even click the button again and the promo code will automatically copy to your clipboard!

[/symple_accordion_section] [symple_accordion_section title=”Are Your Coupons Up To Date?”]

We try to stay on top of the codes and remove them once a promotion has ended. We are a group of actual people that add and remove these codes. Unlike other sites that rely on user-submissions and voting (cough, Retailmenot, cough), we are real people.

[/symple_accordion_section] [symple_accordion_section title=”Do You Make Affiliate Sales off these Coupons?”]

Yes, and Sort of. I’ll explain: we do make affiliate commissions off of most of the merchants on this site. So if you make a hotel booking on Booking.com, we would get a small percentage of that sale.

However, merchants have varying rules on affiliate payouts: some will not pay affiliate commissions when a coupon code is used, and some have a lower percentage commission for ‘couponing’ websites. So it’s a complicated answer.

[/symple_accordion_section] [symple_accordion_section title=”Why Don’t You Just Show The Coupons Instead of Having Clickable Buttons?”]

In our early days we let users copy and paste the promo codes and hoped that a percentage of them would either click through or stay on our website a little longer. But when we tested a clickable button the difference in website engagement was enormous! In order to keep the website viable we need to use the clickable buttons. I know some don’t like it, but the majority of website visitors don’t mind it.

[/symple_accordion_section] [symple_accordion_section title=”Do You Have an Affiliate Program?”]

Currently we do not. But we haven’t closed the door on the possibility. Keep checking back?

[/symple_accordion_section] [symple_accordion_section title=”Do You Outsource?”]

Nope. Everyone who works for Coupon Go is located in Canada. Of their own will.

[/symple_accordion_section] [symple_accordion_section title=”Do Merchants Give You The Coupon Codes Themselves?”]

Some merchants like to give out custom coupon codes to preferred websites. But other merchants want nothing to do with coupon websites. It’s a weird love/hate relationship that many online retailers have with coupon websites.

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